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Welcome to FrekTech!

[Last Updated: 07.07.2016]

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Steam & Skype: Frekvens1

Hello! My name is Thomas, but they call me Frek (Frekvens1). My age is about 18, and my hobbies are to create software and videos. My homepage is designed for my hobbies, showing off my work to the world. I started to create software at the age of 13, and the languages I use are both Java and VB.NET. Java coding is very new to me, but it's easy to catch up with due to my knowledge from VB.NET. 

I hope you find my projects interesting, and please give me feedback!

Mac user? Take a look here, which is a software that enables the use of windows based programs to run! As they say, it also works on games. Totally worth it ;)

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination"
- Albert Einstein -

Software created by FrekTech

Frekvens1's Multicrypter (1.0.0)

My goal with the Multicrypter is to encrypt any selected text easy.

The meaning of encrypting the text can vary, all from sensitive information, to private conversations. I have also made an option to add a custom Encrypting Language! Do you want to create your own random encrypting language? Then download the Encryption Language Creator Addon today! 

Hope you find both useful!

Current version: 1.0.0

System Requirements:

Windows XP – Windows 10

.NET Framework 3.5